Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson

Retired global leader for Metropolitan Community Churches

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Birding to Nourish Your Spirit - Sanctuary's August Line-Up!

Sanctuary Welcome to Santuary

Join us this Tuesday
July 28, 2020 at 7pm Central Time!

Rev Elder Dr Nancy Wilson

We are so excited to feature
Birding As A Spiritual Practice
led by Nancy Wilson.

Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson has been a pastor for more than 40 years, and an active traveler and bird watcher for most of her life.

Nancy says birding is a fabulous outlet that any of us can embark upon - and, especially in this time of “unknowing,”birding can be a great way to relax, de-stress, and nurture our spirits!

Join us to hear about Nancy’s passion for birding, a couple of her original poems - and always, for some great conversation!


Mark your calendar and join us,
Tuesday, July 28th,
5pm Pacific / 6pm Mountain / 7pm Central / 8pm Eastern

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Looking Ahead - August 4th

Jo Bell

How many of us are now attending or leading events online that we used to do in person? Maybe it’s teaching a class. Maybe it’s hosting a book club or even playing cards or Bingo!

Now that we are all “experts” on attending Zoom events, are you ready to learn fun new ways to lead your own meetings?

If you are already participating in or teaching a class or leading discussion groups...

Or if you are missing connection with family and friends and would like to start up some social connection...

Jo will show you a few easy to learn tips and tricks that will make you a Zoom Host Master overnight!

Mark your calendar to join us August 4th!

Looking ahead to August at Sanctuary Online

Celebrating Pets, Summer Camping Fun, and Learning About Our Relationships!

Giving Our Pets Some Love

August 11th

Giving Our Pets Some Love!

Pictures due for Photo Contest on August 5th
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Sanctuary on the Road

August 18-20

Our first ever Sanctuary on the Road Zoom camping trip! Photos and camping recipe contests, and songs and stories! Email entries to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Ken Martin

August 25th

Author interview featuring
Ken Martin
and his new book
Together – Ten Building Blocks for a Successful Relationship

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A Video Message from Rev. Nancy

In honor of Rev. Elder Dr. Nancy Wilson's birthday and her dedication to Metropolitan Community Churches over so many years, please consider giving to the Still Giving campaign.

Still Giving Campaign

In addition, Rev. Elder Dr. Troy Perry also recorded a video as he celebrates his 80th birthday...

Rev. Nancy will speak at WATER

Wednesday, January 9, 2019 at 1:00 pm ET
with Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson I Love to Tell the Story

The Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson, author of I Love to Tell the Story, is a retired Moderator of the Metropolitan Community Churches. She spoke and preached at churches, universities, and organizations globally during four decades of ministry. Dr. Wilson was recently elected to be Co-Senior Pastor of SunCoast Cathedral MCC in Venice, FL. She will discuss experiences of pastoring on the margins as an open lesbian at the intersection of many communities and issues.

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When Thoughts and Prayers are Not Enough

Sermon at Allegheny College March 11, 2018
“When Thoughts and Prayers are Not Enough: Let the Children Lead”

Mark 10:13-16
Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson

Today I chose as a scripture this simple, very familiar story – Jesus welcoming children.

It was a Jewish custom, to have rabbis, or leaders, spiritual leaders, bless children. Parents came with their babies, and children, and maybe some children found their own way that day to Jesus. Jesus, an itinerant preacher was a phenomenon, something of a celebrity, coming to their town. A rabbi who healed people, told stories, spoke of God in an intimate way.

The story’s simple arc then shifts to the disciples who try to shut it down. We really don’t know why. Maybe in the tension that was happening in their ministry, blessing children seemed trivial. In Mark’s gospel, the disciples often do not seem to get Jesus, or what he is doing. They are trying to help, but, they mess up. They step all over Jesus’ message and mission.

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One Little Candle: Part 4 Love

One Little Candle: Part 4 Love

We light the 4th candle of Advent, the “Love” candle, as the northern hemisphere is at its darkest. Right now, cold, Arctic weather sweeps across the US. In Florida, we have fog, which we have so rarely.

In the deepest darkness, love was born, in the womb of a young Mary of Nazareth.

In the deepest darkness, love was reborn in the tomb of Jesus, which could not contain him, or that love.

Today I had to force myself to read the news about Aleppo, Syria, an epicenter of darkness during this Advent.

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