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Retired global leader for Metropolitan Community Churches

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One Little Candle, Part Two

Sea of candles

Well, maybe it takes more than one candle.

Many Sundays, at my home church, I take advantage of two opportunities: the chance to light a votive candle, and to be anointed by a church member.

The first Sunday in Advent, I went up to the candle station brimming with intercessions. I found myself lighting several candles, and feeling a little self-conscious, even though there was not a line, and there were a lot of “open” candles. I lit one for my sister in law whose husband just died, and my wife who was his sister. For so many people, struggling with health, loss. For our country, for the world. For a goddaughter who can’t stay clean or out of jail for long, who no longer has her children.

Finally, I had to stop, and move on and allow someone to anoint me.

And, accept that there are just not enough candles. To light only “such candles as I possess,” or can access, did not seem like enough at the time. How many candles would? I have no idea, really.

This photo of a “sea of candles” made me chuckle . . . as many as they are, even they do not seem like enough! I could light them all, and there would be more to light, in my mind and heart.

Can I really trust that my one little candle can hold them all? All the prayers, all those who I know need prayer, every great cause, every small need that cries out?

So, this morning, again, I light my one candle, such as I possess. And share this photo of the candles I imagine lighting. . . .

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