Rev. Dr. Nancy Wilson

Retired global leader for Metropolitan Community Churches

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Speaking Topics: Preaching, Workshops, Retreats


Typically sermons are 20 to 30 minutes as a part of a worship experience that is included with other events, but some just ask Rev. Nancy to come and preach.


Typically workshops are at least 90 minutes; and they can be expanded to half a day.

Metropolitan Community Churches Today: Our Global Mission – Why the history-making, life-changing message of MCC as relevant as ever in these times. Who are the heroes and sheroes of our movement today, and what difference are local MCC churches making in their communities and the world? What are MCC’s greatest opportunities and challenges in the next decade?

I Love to Tell the Story: There is a reason Jesus told stories! Do you have a story to tell? What makes a great, memorable story, and a why stories transformative? I will share some of my favorite stories, and invite participants to work on one of their own stories, so they may inspire others.

Queer Perspectives on the Bible - the latest in our understanding of the Bible and how it includes us all. A radical update of “homosexuality and the Bible,” that is relevant to everyone, no matter what your sexuality or gender identity. We will learn how the Bible has been used and misused, how it can be reclaimed with power, humor and confidence. Bring your Bible. . .

Faith and Climate Change: Why Climate Change is a “must” concern for all people of faith. Why this issue matters so much, and how you can be personally engaged, or how you can engage your congregation. How can we partner with others who are on the front lines of this issue? What benefits are there to your congregation be becoming involved?

The Practice of Sabbath Keeping in a 24/7 World: Tools and perspectives for creating and keeping a balanced life - work, family, church, and spiritual renewal. How do we resist the cultural pressures to be busy all the time? How can our church encourage people to live a more balanced life? This workshop can also serve as a retreat theme and format.

Queer Preaching: some practices and methods for preaching in a queer context, for clergy and laity. Do you want to improve your preaching? I will share from my 46 years of preaching experience, and distill it for those who love to engage a scripture text and are called to preach. Find out how to keep your preaching God-focused, urgent, fresh, and satisfying to yourself and those who listen to you.

Retreats, Coaching and Mentoring

Retreats for church leadership, focused on building trust and community, clarifying values, visions and norms. Could be a one-day format, or a weekend.

Improving Board Effectiveness: will consult with church boards to improve their performance and enhance their personal experience as a team. Can offer workshops, retreats or a series of consultations

Confidential Coaching with Pastors - to improve effectiveness, discernment and job satisfaction in any setting. What do you want to work on? I can listen, offer feedback, perspective, support and concrete solutions, as someone who has started churches and ministries, and successfully pastored MCC churches of various sizes.

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